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Odenwaelder vernacular
Unfortunately, the local vernacular is untranslatable, so it has been completely ignored in the translation. However, we still hope you'll enjoy this anecdote.

The first man (Erbach, 1962)
It it the first year of school and creation is being taught. On the second day the teacher asks: “Peter, what was the name of the first man?” The immediate answer: “Mr. Weyrauch”. The teacher is utterly confused and wants to know the know the reason for this curious remark. “Well”, says Peter, “my daddy told me I'm not allowed to say Adam. I always have to address our waiter with Mr. Weyrauch.”

The elder generations of the Odenwald region will surely remember our waiter Mr. Adam Weyrauch. He was a true Odenwaelder original and for more than 30 years, an important pillar of our house
and for me at that time he was the oldest man I knew.

The geman pages contain a bit more in this section, I am sorry but there is no way this can possibly be translated.